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Whole Food Diet Course

My Udemy Course ‘Simple Ways to Transition to a Whole Food Diet’ is ready for your learning pleasure.

In this 1-hour course, I will walk you through the foundations of nutrition and share simple tips and resources for healthy eating, meal planning, consistency, and long-term success. You will end the course feeling confident and excited about your next steps into healthy eating.

Ready to transition to not just another diet, but a long-term healthy eating lifestyle? Start Today!

Vitality Programs

Natural Weight Loss Program

Learn how to create healthy habits while igniting your metabolism naturally. This nutrition and lifestyle plan incorporates nutrition education, healthy eating, goal setting, yoga, mediation, and self-care strategies.

Vitalized Seasonal Cleanse Programs

Reset your vitality with this 7-Day seasonal program designed to support your nutrition and lifestyle. Includes a plant-based meal plan, healthy recipes, yoga, meditation, daily education, and resources.

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