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Health is a quest and I’m here to guide you towards Vitality

Hello, I’m Jessica Lee Reader, a Certified Master Nutrition Therapist and Health Educator. I created Vitalized Body as a place where you can learn and grow as you enhance your nutrition and health. Vitalized Body offers a myriad of tools and programs to educate, inspire, and support you on the path to embrace Vitality.

Get Vitalized

Customized nutrition services are held via phone or video and include step-by-step support and education. A wide variety of online courses, seasonal cleanses, menu plans, supplements, lab work, and workshops are available.

The 30-Day Vitalized Weight Loss Course is an online course that incorporates whole foods, education, and self-care strategies. Includes a 30-page interactive eBook, menu plans, recipes, a yoga video, and a support community.

Gain access to savings on a wide variety of high- quality clinical supplements, natural care products, lab panels, menu plans, and weight loss courses. Discover which foods work best for your body with a food sensitivity ALCAT test.

Shop Vitalized Body's Online Store and save 15% on a variety of high-quality non-toxic supplements and personal care brands. 

Free Weight Loss Video Webinar

Discover the tools you need to have a successful experience in losing weight. Get your copy of “The Top 5 Tips to Lose Weight Naturally”.

Autumn Cleanse Yoga Flow

This 40-minute all-levels flow is targeted towards cleansing and cultivating energy during the Autumn season.

Free Food Sensitivity Webinar

Learn how to identify which food work best for your body. Get your copy of “Determining Your Food Sensitivities”.

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