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Decrease gas, bloating, headaches, and joint pain


Reduce inflammatory symptoms or reactions


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Discover Hidden Food Sensitivities with an ALCAT Test

Every person’s health journey is unique. What works for one person may not work for you. Even with a healthy diet, you might suffer from discomfort due to inflammation.

Are Your Symptoms Linked to Food Sensitivities?

Experiencing uncomfortable symptoms like bloating, cramps, loose stools, gas, joint pain, skin rashes, headaches, migraines, or other inflammatory issues? If so, they might be connected to food sensitivities.

Understanding ALCAT Testing

ALCAT Testing, a basic blood test, is widely trusted for finding food sensitivities. No need to guess. Rely on ALCAT Food Sensitivity Testing to discover food sensitivities and boost your well-being. Unlike allergy tests, The ALCAT Test identifies food sensitivities that, while not life-threatening, can affect your health and digestion.

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Your test kit will arrive within 5 business days. We’ll also send you an email listing local labs for your blood draw (usually ranging from $35 – $75). After the draw, the lab center will handle the shipment of your kit, ensuring an easy process.

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Get Your Results

We’ll email your test results within 10 business days of your day along with a guide to understanding them. If you have any questions, please contact us. We’re here to assist you every step of the way. For added support, book a FREE consultation.

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Unlock Wellness with the ALCAT Test.

The ALCAT Test is a simple blood test that measures how your white blood cells react to various foods. The test offers valuable insights into which foods work with your body and which ones might trigger inflammation.

Personalized ALCAT Test Results

  • Easy-to-understand color-coded report
  • Comprehensive guide to understand your results
  • Lists of acceptable, mild, moderate, and severe food reactions
  • FREE 15-minute consultation with a Master Nutrition Therapist

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Why Choose ALCAT Testing for Your Well-Being?

Personalized Wellness: Receive tailored insights to find foods that work best for your unique body, helping you feel better and stay healthy.

More Energy: Many people experience a boost in energy after avoiding foods that don’t suit them. ALCAT Testing can help you regain your vitality.

Healthier Skin: Skin issues like rashes are often related to food sensitivities, and removing them can help you achieve clearer, healthier skin.

Better Digestion: Discover and remove foods that can cause bloating, stomach discomfort, and digestive problems, improving your digestion.

Weight Control: Uncover which foods might be making it harder to manage your weight, making it a valuable tool.

Stronger Immunity: Identify foods that could be affecting your immune system, allowing you to support your overall health.

Food Allergy vs. Food Sensitivity

A food allergy is an immediate IgE immune system response. It can cause hives, shortness of breath, and in some cases anaphylaxis. A food sensitivity is a white blood cell response that can be delayed up to 72 hours. Food sensitivities are more common than food allergies and more difficult to identify since they are delayed responses.

Symptoms of a food sensitivity can include:


  • Difficulty losing weight
  • Loose stools 
  • Gas 
  • Bloating 
  • Cramping
  • Migraines
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Aching joints
  • Skin disorders

The ALCAT test is Vitalized Body’s preferred and best food sensitivity test. I’ve seen the most beneficial results when working with the ALCAT test in addition to positive dietary changes. You can contact me with any questions or set up a time to speak with me about the ALCAT test. I am here to help you feel your best!

Jessica Lee Reader

Certified Master Nutrition Therapist

ALCAT 150 Foods Vegetarian Panel

Success Stories

“I feel fantastic. I no longer have swelling or inflammation that creates aches in my body. I am your biggest fan and pass this information along to anyone who will listen. Keep doing great work.” – Deanna F.

I’m actually doing very well in my meal planning, your awareness and ability to tailor a good plan with my specific likes and tendencies and makes so much sense. It makes so much easier to take the gentle turn from “maladaptive eating” to “adaptive, healthy eating.” – Pam H.

First of all, the guidance you have given has been spot on! This was not a “diet” that I learned, it was a different way to look at what I eat, and a lifestyle change. I’ve looked back at what I used to eat, and how terribly horrible processed food is for you. I am amazed at how differently I view food! I like what I’m eating! Skeptics are out there, I used to be one. I would challenge anyone to commit to trying this out. If a person really wanted to make the change, then they would see results and feel them as well. I did and I am thankful for the education! – Gary F.

You’ve inspired me to take full control of my health. I still eat that way by the way and listen to my body when it doesn’t like something. – Jovi V.

We did it! Cholesterol is too low!  I got a nice email from the doc stating to stop the pills ASAP, which as you know was my goal. These results are measurable, and a direct result of following your advice, and they were quick too. – Mary W.

“It is a great reset for your body and I lost weight. Jessica has educated me on topics such as gut health, inflammatory foods, body alkalizing, and food sensitivities.” – Eevee I.

“Vitalized Body has been a great influence in me being able to change my eating habits into healthy ones. I needed to change for health reasons and I really appreciate all the help I received to reach my weight and health goals.” – Vicki I.

“I feel so much better after learning how to take care of myself. Thanks Vitalized Body!” – Brandon R.

Important Information about ALCAT Tests

  • ALCAT tests are available for order and shipping to all locations in the United States and Canada.
  • Please be aware that there is a lab draw fee associated with the blood draw, which typically ranges from $35 to $75.
  • Note that a $50 cancellation fee applies to all tests that are shipped and canceled prior to processing within 30 days.
  • Once the test is shipped past the 30-day mark, it becomes non-refundable.
  • You’ll have a 3-month window to take the test after it’s sent to you.
  • If your kit has expired, please contact Jessica, and she will provide you with a new one at no additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does ALCAT Testing Work?

The ALCAT Test provides clarity by pinpointing foods that could be causing discomfort. Through a simple blood draw, it measures how your white blood cells react to different foods, ensuring a quality assurance process. The results reveal which foods work with your body and which may lead to inflammation.

Wondering About ALCAT Testing Near You?

If you’re curious about finding a nearby location for your ALCAT test, we’ve got you covered. When you order the ALCAT test, we’ll promptly provide you with a list of local labs where you can conveniently complete your blood draw. You have the flexibility to take your test kit to a local lab or let us arrange for a mobile phlebotomist to come to your location. Your ALCAT testing experience is made easy and accessible.

How Accurate is the ALCAT Test?

ALCAT Test Accuracy: Trusted by Half a Million Users

Wondering about the ALCAT Test’s accuracy? You’ll be glad to know that over half a million individuals have found support for their health through ALCAT test results. Medical studies have shown improvements in various symptoms with the help of the ALCAT Test.

High Standards at Cell Science Systems

You can trust the reliability of ALCAT testing because Cell Science Systems adheres to strict lab standards that comply with state, federal, and international regulations. Our ALCAT tests are performed with precision and a strong dedication to rigorous quality standards.

Is the ALCAT Test a Food Allergy Test or an IGG test?

Understanding the ALCAT Test: Food Sensitivity vs. Allergy

Wondering if the ALCAT Test is related to food allergies or IgG testing? It’s important to clarify the difference.

ALCAT Test: A Food Sensitivity Test

The ALCAT Test is designed to identify food sensitivities, which are closely linked to chronic inflammatory symptoms. It measures leukocyte activation, analyzing the inflammation of cellular responses within the innate immune system.

Not a Food Allergy Test

Food allergies are immediate responses, often leading to symptoms like hives or anaphylaxis. The ALCAT Test, however, is not a test for food allergies. If you have a known food allergy, you should continue to avoid those specific allergens, regardless of your ALCAT Test results.

Not an IgG Test

IgG testing doesn’t measure a pathological process and may reflect exposure and tolerance rather than intolerance. The ALCAT Test is not an IgG immunoglobulin/antibody test.

Should I Avoid Medications Prior to Getting the ALCAT Test Drawn?

Medications and the ALCAT Test: What You Need to Know

Wondering if you should avoid medications before your ALCAT test? It’s essential to ensure accurate results.

Consult Your Healthcare Provider

We recommend consulting your healthcare provider to determine if you can abstain from medications for at least 4 hours before the blood draw.

Long-Term Medications

If you’re on a long-term medication, your results will reflect your current status while taking that medication.

Short-Term Medications

If you’re taking a medication on a short-term basis and your practitioner advises discontinuation, it’s best to wait for two weeks after stopping the medication to take the ALCAT test. This helps ensure the most accurate results.

Is Fasting Required Before Taking the ALCAT Test?

Fasting Not Necessary for ALCAT Test

Good news – fasting is not necessary before taking the ALCAT Test. Simply arrive for your blood draw well-hydrated.

Can I Have the ALCAT Test Drawn While I am Pregnant or Breastfeeding? Can Children be Tested?

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: Timing Matters

Wondering if you can have the ALCAT test while pregnant or breastfeeding? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Pregnancy: It’s recommended to have the ALCAT test during the first or second trimester. If you’re in the third trimester, consider waiting until 8-12 weeks after delivery. This ensures more accurate results. While breastfeeding, please avoid consuming foods to which your baby reacts. The proteins can appear in your milk and affect your baby when nursing.
  • Children and Babies: Children as young as 6 months can be tested, but the minimum weight for babies is 16 pounds. It’s advisable to wait until the baby starts consuming solid foods before conducting the test for the best accuracy.
Are ALCAT Tests Covered by Health Insurance or HSA Accounts?

ALCAT Tests and Insurance Coverage

Wondering if ALCAT tests are covered by health insurance or HSA? Here’s the scoop:

  • Receipt for Your Records: You’ll receive a receipt for your records, which you may consider using for your Health Savings Account (HSA).
  • Insurance Reimbursement: At present, insurance plans do not typically reimburse for ALCAT Tests.
More Frequently Asked Questions

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