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We’re here to be your coach, your cheerleader, and your friend.

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Have you ever been overwhelmed in figuring out how to feel more aligned, purposeful, and connected to your mind, body, and spirit? Want to know how to live your best-vitalized life? 

We are two yogis who not only share a passion for all things mind, body, and soul enhancements, but we are lifelong learners. Here we share our personal and professional experiences by offering tips, tools, resources, insights, and inspiration. We’re here to be your coach, cheerleader, and friend.

Hi! We are your hosts!

I’m Jessica Lee Reader, a Board-Certified Health Coach, Master Nutrition Therapist, and Yoga Teacher, and I’m Emily Gillespie, a Yoga Teacher and Master of Marketing. We live in Greenville, SC, and love to chat about wellness and explore holistic businesses in Upstate SC and beyond.

Join us weekly where we discuss holistic ways to transform your energy, vibrancy, and overall well-being. Prepare to discover realistic ways to bring yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and so much more into your day-to-day life so you can experience natural joy and vitality.

Grab a cup of your favorite tea, relax your shoulders, and listen in.

Prepare for Vitality!

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