I’m here to help you Vitalize Your Body

Hi, I’m Jessica Lee Reader. I created Vitalized Body to provide nutrition, yoga, and health coaching services to enhance natural weight loss and happiness.

The word Vitalize means to give strength and energy. Your body is designed to be full of vitality and livelihood. When you’re Vitalized, you are at your ideal weight and peak physical, mental, and emotional well-being. You can climb mountains, achieve your goals, and live your best life when you’re Vitalized. 

Why settle for okay? Become Vitalized! 

About Vitalized Body

In my youth, I moved frequently with my family for my father’s job. By the age of 17, we had moved to 8 different states. We landed in Colorado prior to my senior year of high school. It was a challenging move to leave the heavily wooded Poconos where my group of friends meditated and swam in the waterfalls of our backyards. Overnight I was surrounded by people who skipped school to go shopping at the malls and eat at food fast joints.

Within a short matter of time, I lost my roots and the connection to nature vanished.

I no longer honored my body and it showed up as chronic fatigue, anemia, high triglycerides, and poor digestion. I followed my passion for writing and photography and went to college for a couple of years. My health was poor and my grades reflected that it was time to make a change. It was time to create self-care practices and dive deep into learning about wellness and nutrition.

Throughout my twenties, I was on a mission to research the Keys to Vitality. The force was strong in my path of healing. I felt so great I wanted to share my insight with everyone. 

My Professional Journey

Over the years, I created a successful practice as a cosmetologist and spoke to clients about healthy living and beauty from the inside out. I fell so deeply in love with sharing knowledge with others I knew it was time to dive deeper.

In 2007, I enrolled in a science-based nutrition training program at Nutrition Therapy Institute (NTI). I moved forward to become a Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, Master Nutrition Therapist, and Instructor for NTI. My passion for educating others about healthy living from the inside out led me to continue my professional training as a Yoga Instructor through Core Power Yoga, and receive additional certifications as a Team Well-Being Coach, Genius Breaks Coach, Yoga Coach, and Integrative Health and Well-Being Coach through YogaMedCo.

I’ve worked with thousands of individuals and groups to facilitate natural weight loss and well-being via nutrition guidance, mindfulness techniques, and yoga practices. I love to create and lead classes, workshops, programs, and retreats based on my ever-expanding knowledge and energy.

With my guidance, you can stop guessing and provide yourself with the care you need to start feeling vitalized.  As an expert in nutrition, natural weight loss, and behavior change, I’m here to provide education and support so you can achieve your health goals.

Let’s connect to see how I can support your goals and help you to feel your absolute best today.

Let’s connect to see how I can support you! 


  • Integrative Health Coach
  • Master Nutrition Therapist
  • Registered Yoga Teacher
  • Team Well-Being Coach
  • Genius Break Coach
  • Yoga Coach
Proud Graduate of Nutrition Therapy Institute

 An Insider Peek

I live in Greenville, South Carolina with my husband Brandon and our bonded cats Zeus and Athena. 

When I’m not working on Vitalized Body you can find me brainstorming ideas for my first book along a river, on a nature trail run, crafting up a healthy meal, or exploring enchanting waterfalls in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

I love to meet new people and I’m looking forward to connecting with you.

Zeus and Athena
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