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Hi, I’m Jessica Lee Reader

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I believe in a holistic approach to wellness that nurtures the body, soothes the mind, and rejuvenates the spirit. Through personalized nutrition, mindfulness, and yoga practices, I’m committed to guiding individuals and organizations toward enhanced energy, digestion, and well-being. My goal is to empower you to lead a healthier, happier, and more vibrant life.

Jessica Lee Reader

Hi, I’m Jessica Lee Reader, my health journey has been a driving force behind my commitment to helping others. I’ve personally experienced the challenges of adrenal fatigue, food sensitivities, and digestive distress for many years. Some days it was hard to even get out of bed. These struggles led me to dive deep into nutrition therapy, yoga, and holistic health practices, seeking solutions beyond quick one-size-fits-all fixes.

I understand the profound impact that diet, lifestyle changes, and mindful living can have on one’s well-being and I’m here to share what I’ve learned with you.

My Pursuit of Expertise

In 2007, I began my journey in science-based functional nutrition training at Nutrition Therapy Institute (NTI). I moved forward to become a Master Nutrition Therapist and Instructor for NTI for over six years. My passion for healthy living and yoga led me to become a Yoga Instructor, Team Well-Being Coach, and Integrative Health Coach. My dedication to education led me to become a Nationally Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach ensuring the highest level of care and guidance.

I’ve spent 15 years working with countless individuals and groups, helping them navigate the overwhelming world of wellness and I’m here for you.

Jessica Lee Reader

 My Specialties

I specialize in optimizing digestive health, boosting energy levels, and nurturing mindfulness. These foundational elements of well-being are at the core of my holistic approach. By integrating insights from my background in functional medicine training, I offer a comprehensive experience tailored to your needs that promotes lasting lifestyle changes.

Throughout my career, I’ve collaborated with functional medicine doctors, health practitioners, medical offices, corporate wellness companies, schools, yoga studios, gyms, spas, and more, bringing a wealth of knowledge to diverse audiences.

Your Wellness Partner for Individuals and Companies

Wellness Education

Starting to work on your health and wellness can be exciting and challenging. As your coach, I’m not just here to offer advice. I’m your partner in health, your cheerleader, and your trusted confidant. Together, we’ll set achievable goals and celebrate every milestone, no matter how big or small.

Whether you’re an individual seeking one-on-one guidance or a company looking to foster wellness within your team, let’s start on a path of well-being together. We can work together in Greenville, SC, surrounding areas, or online. My approach offers flexibility and accessibility to support your wellness journey wherever you may be.


  • Nationally Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach
  • Master Nutrition Therapist
  • Integrative Health Coach
  • Team Well-Being Coach
  • Genius Break Coach
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Yoga Coach
Proud Graduate of Nutrition Therapy Institute

Your Journey to Vitality Starts Here!

Whether you’re an individual seeking one-on-one guidance or a company looking to foster wellness within your team, let’s discuss your goals and how I can help you achieve them.

 Fun Insider Peek

I live in Greenville, South Carolina with my husband Brandon and our bonded cats Zeus and Athena. 

When I’m not working on Vitalized Body you can find me brainstorming ideas for my first book along a river, on a nature trail run, crafting up a healthy meal, or exploring enchanting waterfalls in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

I love meeting new people, and I can’t wait to connect with you.

Zeus and Athena
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