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by Jun 5, 2019Health

Embrace The Little Things In Life And Unexpected Beautiful Things May Begin To Transpire. 


This is a photo I took at Roxborough State Park, which is about 15-minutes from our new neighborhood. My husband Brandon and I hiked 6.4 miles to Carpenter Peak and this is one of the spectacular views. After I snapped a few pictures I reflected upon them, and when I looked at this one I was amazed by the butterfly that made a beautiful appearance. How on Earth did that happen?  I didn’t even see the butterfly when I was taking the picture, and it’s astonishing it was in focus and right in the middle of the picture.

It really has me brain spinning because lately I have been trying to read the signs in my life and they are everywhere! My interpretation of this image is that even though we have a layout of what we want things to look like when we embrace the unexpected beautiful things may begin to appear. I am taking this as a sign in my life, will you as well?


I love this sign. Roxborough state park, as well as the World, contains many natural wonders.  “Your sense of this depends on the care you to take to discover its secrets.” The World is a majestic place.

There is so much to see even just at your doorstep. Try it out by gazing at the clouds for a few minutes.  Take in the fresh air, the diversity in the cloud patterns and the blue sky. We often take advantage of the beauty of nature. It’s there for us to see ~ embrace it and you never know what other amazing things will begin to happen.

If you are seeking some inspiration in your life please check out my all time favorite inspirational reads below. Enjoy!


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