When was the last time you thought outside the box with the way you looked at something? 

We are all guilty of creating negative loops in our head with the way that we see things in our lives.
I admit, I was guilty of it.

I used to drive to work with the nastiest perspective. 

I would think things like:
The air quality is so bad today.
That person is smoking (gross). Is it ever going to rain? The grass is all dried up and brown.
My car is falling apart, and I can’t afford to buy a new one.
I wonder how many clients are going to cancel today….

I knew that I was being negative but, I felt like a victim of my circumstances.

Have you ever felt like this? I came clean with my black cloud of mental stickiness.  Your turn?

Okay so we now that we have confronted the fact that we are negative Nancy’s, what can we do about it? 

The first step to changing our lives it to realize that
we must change our mind.

The way that we look at things is of utmost importance to our mental, physical, and spiritual health.

When we begin to shift our perspective on things and create gratitude it is amazing how our whole World can change.

Mind Over Matter

The next step is to begin to recognize the situations that lead to the negative thinking patterns.

For me, my negative loop was when I was driving to work.
When I realized it as a trigger, I began to come up with mindful solutions.

I started looking around and seeing things like the beautiful snow capped mountains in the distance, the grass sprouting up from the Earth, and the squirrels chasing each other playfully.  Then, I began listening and hearing things like the birds singing melodies of happiness. With my steaming cup of green tea in the console, I was committed to finding more peaceful routes to drive like through green parks and side streets filled with eclectic houses, and breathtaking trees.

I started to think about all the things that I was grateful for:

1.) The ability to see the sunrise and sunset.
2.) The ability to breathe in love, and exhale out negativity.
3.) The ability to overcome obstacles ~ Mind over Matter.

Everyday, is a new day.  Everyday, we can begin to identify stressors that block us from being our happiest most vitalized self.

What are some of your negative mental patterns?
What are some triggers?

Write them down and come up with some alternative solutions for you to try out next time that you are in your negative mindset and situation.