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The Steps To Build A Calming And Rejuvenating Meditation Practice.


We all have the power within us to turn inward and calm our racing minds. An intuitive healer that I work with told me that I need to focus less on the racing thoughts in my head and more on grounding and self-care. Being a creative person who craves exploration, stillness is tricky. Throughout my life, I have practiced moving meditation through yoga. I have found that I am always going through change and transitions in my life, and yoga assists in expressing the energy I have within. Yoga allows the energy to move through me. The transitions in the asanas and the mind/body/breathe connection silence my mind and offers a meditative state.

What changes are you currently going through? 


Have you thought about or tried meditating and can’t silence your mind? Did you know that meditation can change every cell in the body and fill it with more energy? On a physical level meditation lowers blood pressure, reduces anxiety, decreases any tension-related pain, increases serotonin production, improves the immune system, and increases the energy level. Meditation brings the brainwave pattern into an Alpha state that promotes healing. Now is the time to start your meditation practice and I would like to provide you with some steps to begin your journey of stillness.

Below are some of my favorite steps to starting a powerful meditation practice.


  • Choose a peaceful environment – Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for fifteen minutes. Sit down, relax and rest your hands on your lap. You can sit on the floor cross-legged with the support of a cushion, or on any chair with your feet resting on the ground. 
Sit up straight with your shoulders relaxed and your neck in line with your spine.
  • Breathe slowly and deeply – Close your eyes softly. Begin by taking a few slow and deep breaths. Inhale with your nose and exhale out your nose. Don’t force your breathing; let it come naturally. Fill your lungs each time, your breaths will gradually become deeper and fuller. Count 6 times on the inhale and 6 on the exhale.
  • Focus – If you find your attention straying away from your breaths, just gently bring it back. It may happen many times. What’s important is to realize that you have wandered and to bring your attention back to where it should be. As you develop greater focus power, you will find it easier to concentrate. You can visualize a place such as the photo above, an emotion such as calm, or simply clear your mind completely.
  • Ending the session –  When you are ready to end the session, open your eyes and stand up slowly. Stretch yourself and extend your increased awareness to your next activities. You can set a timer if you would like. There are meditation timers you can download or use you a watch.

Meditation Tips


  • Guided meditation – There are many types of guided meditation available. You can try podcasts, phone apps, or visit my YouTube channel for a playlist of meditation videos I compiled HERE.
  • Choose your background sounds – You can meditate with light music, background sound, or total silence. Calming options are sounds of nature, instruments, or a fan.
  • Experiment – Try out different styles of meditation and see what works best for you. No matter what your objectives are, you are likely to find a guided meditation that suits your needs.

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