Holistic Nutrition
for Gut Health

Feeling exhausted from digestive discomfort and suspecting food sensitivities might be at play? I’m here to help you ditch bloating, fatigue, and other symptoms with holistic nutrition and lifestyle practices, so you can renew your digestion, boost your energy, and thrive.

Holistic Nutrition
for Gut Health

Feeling exhausted from digestive discomfort and suspecting food sensitivities might be at play? I’m here to help you ditch bloating, fatigue, and other symptoms with holistic nutrition and lifestyle practices, so you can renew your digestion, boost your energy, and thrive.

Let’s Boost Your Gut Health & Energy!

Jessica Lee Reader

Hi, I’m Jessica Lee Reader, a Master Nutrition Therapist, Board-Certified Health Coach, and Yoga Teacher with over 15 years of experience.

I specialize in gut health and food sensitivities, helping busy individuals find relief from digestive issues and boost overall well-being. By integrating holistic nutrition, mindfulness, and yoga, I address the root causes of your health challenges to nurture your well-being.

I create customized nutrition programs, yoga events, and retreats in Greenville, SC, and Online designed to support gut health and energy. Schedule a consult with me today.

 Discover How I Can Support You

Gut Health Nutritionist in Greenville, SC, and Online

1:1 Gut Health Nutrition Program

Elevate your gut health and address food sensitivities with a personalized nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle program designed to alleviate digestive discomfort, enhance energy, and create lasting health.

Yoga Classes, Retreats, Greenville SC

Yoga Classes, Events & Retreats

Discover renewal and balance at my yoga events, ideal for both individuals and groups seeking stress relief. Enhance your mental clarity and physical strength in a supportive and engaging environment.

Employee Wellness Greenville SC

Corporate Wellness Programs

Boost your team’s productivity and well-being with my comprehensive corporate wellness programs. From tailored nutrition plans to workshops, health coaching, and yoga sessions, I design solutions for your needs.

Client Success Stories

“I can’t even find the words to express what a great experience I have had working with Jessica and Vitalized Body. She is very knowledgeable and helped me so much with setting up weekly meals, health goals, and getting myself motivated. She is like talking to your best girlfriend and getting great advice! I even signed up for her yoga classes and tune in to her new podcast. If you are looking for a nutritionist and health coach – contact Jessica!” – Lisa C.

“Jessica has educated me on topics such as gut health, inflammatory foods, body alkalizing, and food sensitivities. I highly recommend working with her for anyone interested in improving physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being! Her seasonal cleanses are a great reset for your body and I lost weight during my time with her” – Eevee I.

“I feel I can trust Jessica for the best overall health information! The supplements have benefitted me greatly. I am thankful for Jessica’s suggestion to watch my Blood Pressure. From our discussions, it could have led to something far worse. The symptoms we worked together on have really resolved quite a bit. feel I have learned very helpful information and I greatly appreciate working with Jessica!” – Dawn P.
“I feel fantastic from navigating around my ALCAT Food Sensitivity Test results. I no longer have swelling or inflammation that creates aches in my body. I am your biggest fan and pass this information along to anyone who will listen.” – Deanna F.

“As a busy working mom, I was dealing with a lot of stress from overwhelm. Jessica helped me figure out small realistic tweaks to my family’s routine that helped me better cope with my overwhelm. Sometimes it’s the small things, and making them habits that have the largest effect! Thank you, Jessica!” – Kate B.

“I lost 5lbs in the first week. I am able to talk to Jessica about anything no matter what type of question I have about my diet, body, or digestive system. Somehow, she always has an answer or helpful tip for me. She is approachable and clearly follows her own system. You know it when you’ve lived it and this woman has got the chops. Thanks so much, Jess! Here’s to 50 more pounds!” – Jennifer S.

“If anyone is looking for a life-changing nutritional guidance and weight loss program I would highly recommend working with Jessica. I’m down 7 lbs in 3 weeks. It not only is changing my body but also my way of looking at food. Truly eye-opening experience. I’ve done Weight watchers and lost weight but always stalled at a certain point. I got sick of counting everything I ate. Now I don’t have to. I’m so grateful that I took the chance on this.” – Jessica O

“I’m actually doing very well in my meal planning. Jessica’s awareness and ability to tailor a good plan with my specific likes and tendencies and makes so much sense. It makes so much easier to take the gentle turn from “maladaptive eating” to “adaptive, healthy eating.” – Pam H.

“First of all, the guidance Jessica has given has been spot on! This was not a “diet” that I learned, it was a different way to look at what I eat and a lifestyle change. I’ve looked back at what I used to eat, and how terribly horrible processed food is for you. I am amazed at how differently I view food! I like what I’m eating! Skeptics are out there, I used to be one. I would challenge anyone to commit to trying this out. If a person really wanted to make the change, then they would see results and feel them as well. I did and I am thankful for the education!” – Gary F.

“You’ve inspired me to take full control of my health. I still eat that way by the way and listen to my body when it doesn’t like something.” – Jovi V.

“We did it! Cholesterol is too low!  I got a nice email from the doc stating to stop the pills ASAP, which as you know was my goal. These results are measurable, and a direct result of following your advice, and they were quick too.” – Mary W.

“Jessica has been a great influence in me being able to change my eating habits into healthy ones. I needed to change for health reasons and I really appreciate all the help I received to reach my weight and health goals.” – Vicki I.

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