Are you ready to not only Vitalize Your Body, but to Vitalize The Earth too?

I have always loved nature. As a child I would camp and hike with my family frequently. Mother Nature was and always has been a special and glorious connection to me. Over the past decade, I have been paying closer attention to our dear planet Earth. The environmental shifts have been heartbreaking to witness. Every second I am aware of my imprint on our planet. I try to lessen my carbon footprint by recycling, eating local, gardening, driving less, and only buying what I need. Yet, I still feel like there is so much more that I can be doing.

In my yoga practice this morning it finally clicked! I will start a blog featuring ways that we can Vitalize The Earth. Together we can make a profound impact. The goal is not to write about depressing things that are happening, but to have it be uplifting and motivating. The blog will feature ways to eat and live sustainably. I have many topics and ideas on my mind. Let’s do this! Let’s Vitalize The Earth!

Coming Soon!