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Nutrition and Lifestyle Services

Certified Master Nutrition Therapist, Jessica Lee Reader provides a wide variety of vitality services including customized nutrition plans, weight loss programs, workshops, and retreats. She works with individuals and groups. Services are offered are in-person, phone, or video.

Jessica’s practice integrates nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, and self-care strategies. With a background in Functional Medicine, Sports Nutrition, and Yoga Instruction she will create a tailored plan for you that will support your goals. She provides education, motivation, and inspiration for you to Vitalize Your Body.

Individual Sessions:
Wether you are craving a metabolic reset from a Seasonal Cleanse, desire Weight Loss, or need guidance with Food Sensitivities, Jessica can assist. She will meet you where you want to be met, and take in consideration your unique needs. Jessica provides step-by-step education and support on your quest to vitality.  She evaluates your blood chemistry, metabolism, symptoms, and goals to design a nutrition plan that is specific for your body. Her primary vision is to ensure you have a high success rate while you work with her, and as you move forward into your new healthy lifestyle.

Group Sessions: 
Feel the energy and the enthusiaum from the other students in a Group Class, Workshop, or Retreat. Gather a group of friends, family members, or colleagues for an event catered to your desired needs. Jessica can create a customized challenge, wellness program, or workshop based on your groups needs. With over a decade of experience as a keynote speaker and wellness coordinator for a wide variety of companies, Jessica can deliver the results you crave.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Services

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