I could not wait any longer to start writing.
Let “The Quest To Vitality” Begin!

 I am just going to start with planting some seeds of what to expect.

Planting Seeds

I have been on the quest towards vitality since I was a teenager. I would sleep 12 hours a day, and had a wide array of health issues including anemia, high triglycerides, recurring strep throat, and chronic fatigue. It has taken me decades to implement, and develop a self-care system that is now a lifestyle.

It started in 1993 when I found my mother’s book from the 70’s with a women in a leotard demonstrating yoga poses.  At the time, I lived in the heavily wooded Poconos, and would venture by a waterfall to practice the asanas. As I began to develop a deeper appreciation to relaxation, I found yoga and writing in journal’s to be a beautiful outlet for my fluctuating teenage emotions.  The seeds began to grow with my passion for integrative health like a wildfire, and I began to feel like a young women who was on a healing quest. 

I won’t bore you with all the details, but you should know that now every morning I want to jump for joy because I feel so amazing. I plan on sharing my knowledge of holistic health with you from my personal research, and my professional education from The Nutrition Therapy Institute, The International Sports Sciences Association, Core Power Yoga, as well as extensive training in functional nutrition. The insight that I learned from these schools was an excellent addition to my already profound studies, hands on experiences, and an ongoing integrative practice with clients.  

My quest has been incredible, and now it’s your turn!  It is my mission to strategically guide you on Your Quest To Vitality. I plan on writing about an array of self-care techniques including how to develop a stronger sense of awareness to your patterns, identify your obstacles, and create lifelong solutions. 

Breathe In

You Ready??? How about for a little taste of what to expect? 

Let’s start with slowing down, and simply feeling our breath. You got this!

Breath count 1:)
Inhale in through your nose on a 5 count
Exhale out though your nose on a 5 count.

Breath count 2:)
Inhale in through your nose on a 5 count (feel your diaphragm expanding)
Exhale out though your nose on a 5 count (let go of the all the air).

Breath count 3:)
Inhale in through your nose on a 5 count (hold at the top for a second)
Exhale out though your nose on a 5 count (hold at the bottom for a second).

Continue this breath for a few rounds….

Do you feel that change in your state of being?
The calm feeling, the release of what no longer serves you.

You feel it now?
That change, that feeling of clarity.

I know you feel it, you recognize that emotion.
It is called love. Love on Your Quest to Vitality.

~Stay tuned in, there is so much more to come~

P.S. – This is an interactive blog, that will become a book.