Natural Weight Loss Tools & Support Workshop

by | Jul 3, 2019 | Events, Health, Nutrition

Save The Date For The Natural Weight Loss Tools & Support Workshop.


Save The Date for this presentation where I will share my top-5 tips to natural weight loss. The Columbine Library is newly renovated and a beautiful location to visit and learn ways to achieve sustainble weight loss while meeting others in your community and creating a support system.

The 5 Main Factors That Inhibit Weight Loss
• Learn the factors that may be sabotaging your ability to achieve your ideal weight.
• Discover the tools you need to have a successful experience in losing weight.
• Receive education on proper eating habits with lifestyle tips for weight loss.

*This is a complimentary presentation. Invite a family member, friend, colleague, or just yourself and enthusiasm towards a healthy version of you.

I can’t wait to share this insight with you!


Jessica Lee Reader

To schedule an individual nutrition session please visit

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  • Boost Your Metabolism
  • Enhance Your Energy
  • Cultivate Healthy Habits


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