How Removing Gluten and Dairy Can Benefit You

Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free

Do you have difficulty losing weight, digestive disorders, migraines, chronic fatigue, aching joints, or skin disorders? Do you feel that some type of food is causing friction in your body, but you are not sure what it is? If you are expressing any of the symptoms listed then removing the most common inflammatory foods from your diet for at least a week can benefit you. Eliminating gluten and dairy from your diet is the best starting point to uncovering hidden food sensitivities. Why do I say hidden? Because unlike food allergies that create an immediate inflammatory response food sensitivities symptoms may be delayed up to seventy-two hours!

Food Allergy versus Food Sensitivity

A food allergy is an IgE immune system response that is immediate. It is characterized by hives, shortness of breath, upset stomach, and in some cases anaphylaxis. The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network states that only about 4% of the United States population has a food allergy.

A food sensitivity is more common than a food allergy. 70-80% of the US population has food sensitivities. Food sensitivities lead to symptoms such as: GI issues, weight gain, headaches, joint pain, and skin conditions. Food sensitivities are difficult to identify because symptoms can be delayed up to three days. The gold standard of testing is to remove inflammatory foods from your diet for at least a week and see if your symptoms improve.

What works for someone else may not work for you.

You can eat an extremely healthy diet and still have inflammation in your body. Cut out the guesswork to which foods are creating friction in your body by removing the most common inflammatory foods, which are gluten and dairy.

In my decade of experience as a Nutritionist I have worked with thousands of clients that have removed gluten and dairy and had significant improvements in their digestion, energy, and mental clarity. I have taken the work out for you with this gluten-free and dairy-free starter kit, which is packed full of informative information, substitutions, tools, and ideas so you can begin your journey towards optimized health.

The 7-day gluten-free and dairy-free menu plan is only $14.99 and includes:

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