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Support on your health and wellness journey


Integrative Health Coaching

Health Coaching Services are offered via phone, video, and in-person.

Are you ready to enhance your well-being and not sure which direction to take to feel better?

It can be overwhelming not knowing which direction to take when you are ready to improve your health.

That’s why I’m here…

Hi, I’m Jessica Lee Reader, an Integrative Health and Wellness Coach. As an expert in behavior change, I am here to help you unlock stuck areas so you can feel healthy and vitalized.

I’m here as your thought-partner on your well-being journey.

Integrative Health Coaching Sessions are based on your goals and may include topics of nutrition, fitness, sleep, and strategic stress management. 

I honor that you are the expert in your own life and commit to being respectful and non-judgemental.

My goal as a coach is to facilitate you in clarifying your goals and determining a plan to make them happen.

During our time together we will draw on your own goals, experiences, and desires. I will listen and support you in your own self-discovery, self-awareness, and decision-making process.

It’s my mission to display unconditional positive regard for you and your capacity for change.


Clarity Coaching Assessment

Get Started with Coaching: Clarity Coaching Assessment

If you’ve been wondering how to work on your health goals, now is the perfect time to take advantage of our Clarity Coaching Assessment with me.
I can help you determine what your health goals are, how you can get there, how to overcome obstacles, and how to do it with ease and grace.

Having a well-directed, organized wellness plan isn’t out of reach.

During our 1-hour Clarity Coaching Assessment, you will gain clarity and direction around what your optimal wellness vision is and begin the process of getting there. You will gain access to valuable resources and tools.
Get started with a Clarity Coaching Assessment today for only $59. 
Available via video or in-person at Centered Yoga and Wellness in Simpsonville, SC.

Request a time below.

Health Coach

Blending Mindfulness, Movement, and Compassion Practices With Lifestyle Medicine Coaching.

You are in the driver’s seat and can choose from talk-based coaching, movement-based coaching, or a blend of both.

You might want to begin with a mindful moment to cultivate mindfulness, a body scan to check in with how you feel physically, guided meditation to center your thoughts, deep breathing to calm your mind, a gentle yoga flow to move your body, or want to talk out your thoughts with me through talk-based coaching.

Let’s connect and determine which option is best for you. 



Integrative Health Coaching Programs

 Custom programs are based on your individual or team’s needs.
Workplace wellness and yoga programs are available.

Health Coaching

Support and resources in the “Pillars” of Lifestyle Medicine

You’re in the driver’s seat and I will be your thought-partner to think through strategies to enhance your overall well-being. 

Option for talk-based, movement, or mindfulness coaching experiences. 

Yoga Coaching

Bringing the practices of yoga, lifestyle medicine, and coaching together to create a more compassionate and less overwhelmed world.

Yoga Coaching blends talk and movement-based coaching sessions into one empowering experience.

Restorative, Flow, Gentle, and Chair-Based practices available and customized to your needs. 

Team Well-Being Coaching

Team Well-Being Programs are customized based on your desired goal or team’s needs.

Topics may include Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional, Financial, and Purpose. 

Option to begin with or infuse meditation, breathwork, movement, or yoga into Talk-Based sessions to create more openness, awareness, and compassion.

Genius Breaks

These mini-breaks of mindfulness, movement, and meaning help change the way you communicate with your body and the way you communicate with the world. Allow me to guide you out of stress and into mindful movement so that you can connect to your Unique-Genius that the world is waiting for. 

Themes include Respect, Gratitude, Commitment, Courage, Kindness, Vision, Insight, and Community.

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