Free Holiday Weight Loss Tips Kit

by Nov 5, 2019Health, Nutrition

Download Your Free Holiday Weight Loss Kit 


Gain Access To Resources To Help You Lose Weight

Take the first steps into having a healthy and happy holiday season. With the Free Holiday Weight Loss Tips Kit you will have the resources you need to work towards optimizing your health and losing weight during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. As a Master Nutrition Therapist with over a decade of experience working thousands of individuals I specialize in natural weight loss and self-care strategies. In this special holiday weight loss kit I share my top 3 weight loss tips and provide you with valuable resources to help you on the path of vitality. 

The Free Holiday Weight Loss Tip includes:

  • A streaming 17-minute audio training where I guide you through the 3 holiday weight tips
  • The Vitality Journal eBook to assist you with setting intentions, goals, affirmations
  • Stress relief and self-care strategies and resources
  • Information on eating properly throughout the day
  • Menu planning and grocery list templates
  • Special savings for the online weight loss course and a nutrition session


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Holiday Weight Loss Tips

Gain Access To The Free Holiday Weight Loss Kit

The Holiday Weight Loss Kit includes:

» A streaming audio training with my top 3 holiday weight tips
» The Vitality Journal eBook to assist you with setting goals
» Stress relief, self-care strategies, healthy eating resources
» Special savings on weight loss and nutriton services 


Thank you! Check your email for your free Holiday Weight Loss Kit!

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