Cleaning Out Your Kitchen

by Nutrition

Set Yourself Up For Vitality With A Clean And Organized Kitchen.


It’s that time of year again. Time for cleaning out your kitchen.

I have never fully understood why people only “Spring Clean” their homes. I am a huge advocate of preparing for the transitions of the seasons through seasonal cleansing. The changing of the seasons is also a great time to seasonal clean your home. Every 3 months when the seasons change you can provide a nice reset for your body and home.

The foundation of a healthy body and house begins in the kitchen and those old stale items that are in the way of the fresh ingredients are not doing your health or your sanity any justice.

When a new season presents itself it is the perfect time for a health makeover beginning with a clean and organized kitchen. You reduce stress and invite new energy by getting rid of things that are no longer serving you. Let’s create space in your kitchen and set yourself up for a successful healthy season.

I have broken down the steps for you to have a successful kitchen cleaning experience below.

Step #1 – Prepare your kitchen

  • Schedule a full hour where you can completely focus on cleaning out your kitchen.
  • Make sure you eat something first so you are not tempted to hold onto things.
  • Tell those that you are living with that you are going to do this in case they want a special area set aside for their foods that you would otherwise get rid of. (Make note that even if the food is there it is someone else’s and soon enough you will have healthy food).
  • You might want to create a toss pile and a donate pile. 
  • Do not feel bad for tossing expired away items.
  • You can donate items food items that are no longer in your diet to your local food bank.

Step #2 – Go through everything and read every ingredient label

Get Rid Of:

  • Anything expired. Check all expiration dates including oils, spices, things in fridge and pantry.
  • Anything that says sugar-free and fat-free. These are usually very artificial.
  • Everything you have that contains trans fats (hydrogenated oil), anything that has a number in its name, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, and colors. 

You can use the Fooducate app on your phone to scan items to see what they are or Google words you can’t pronounce. If you can’t pronounce or it recognize it more than likely it is artificial.

Check out the video below to learn about how to use Fooducate app to read labels.

Step #3 – Make a replacement list

  • Write a list of the products types you got rid of. This is your new list of things that need to be replaced.
  • You can use a blank grocery-shopping template.

Step #4 – Plan a trip to the grocery store

  • You can gradually replace the items on the list by importance or depending on your budget you can buy them all at once.
  • Always Read EVERY Label on the new products.
  • Only buy products that are natural and or organic.
  • If you can’t pronounce ingredients don’t buy it.

Step #5 – Kitchen supplies makeover

  • Plastic Tupperware. Watch this video –  (You can restock with glass Tupperware, check out my fav’s below)
  • Read over these easy 8 ways to detox your kitchen and make your food chemical-free.


I am are here to guide you through this process.  If there are products or brands that you have questions about please do not hesitate to ask. Enjoy cleaning out your kitchen!

As you may know, I am dedicated to leading you towards a healthy body and state of mind.  I want to ensure that you are able to continue on your path towards a healthy lifestyle and are able to maintain and thrive with vitality.

A healthy lifestyle includes self-care in the form of optimized eating, reducing toxicity, receiving proper sleep, stress management, physical activity, a positive outlook, and developing supportive relationships.

I am in the process of growing community-based workshops virtually that will offer health education and be a place where you can feel supported while enhancing your lifestyle changes.

Stay tuned in friends! 

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