Announcing Vitalized Body’s Online Supplement and Wellness Store

by Jun 27, 2019Health, Nutrition

You’re invited to shop Vitalized Body’s Online Supplement and Wellness Store. 


The Vitalized Body Online Supplement and Wellness Store is an easy and safe way for you to purchase the highest quality non-toxic supplements available that are stored and shipped properly to ensure efficacy. You are assured that you’ll receive the best of the best.

All you have to do is create a free account and you will have access to browse over 300 brands and 15,000+ quality supplements, healthy snacks & non-toxic personal care items. Multi-vitamins, fish oil, enzymes, probiotics, protein powders, electrolytes, GI supplements, sports nutrition, women’s and men’s supplements, teas, essential oils, natural beauty care and household products. Just to name a few. I have selected some of my favorite personal go-to’s for you.

You receive 15% off all purchases! 

● Free shipping on orders over $49 and a flat rate of $4.95 for orders under that amount.
● Simplified ordering through a safe and secure platform.
● Easy ordering through the Wellevate App (available for iPhones). Even scan bar codes to add products to cart! Text GETWELLEVATE to 72345 or download on the App Store
● World Class Customer Support associates available via phone, email or live chat (M-F 8:30am-8:00pm EST and Saturday 9-5 EST).

The store is open access to the public. For customized nutrition and protocol recommendations please schedule a consult with me.

Vitalize Your Day,

Jessica Lee Reader

Want more support? Reach out to me for a nutrition session

Phone and Video Nutrition Sessions Available

  • Boost Your Metabolism
  • Enhance Your Energy
  • Cultivate Healthy Habits



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