The Winter Cleanse Package

This series of seasonal cleanses is designed to support your body’s needs as it transitions from season to season.  Winter is the perfect time of year to support your stress levels and regain your energy. This program focuses on nurturing your kidneys and adrenal glands, increasing circulation, enhancing elimination and boosting your immunity.

Purchase the downloadable version for only $40 HERE. 

Winter Cleanse Package:
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  • A list of foods and spices allowed and to avoid.
  • A grocery-shopping list and menu planning template.
  • A seasonal menu plan with meal ideas and recipes.
  • Tips, tools and educational reading materials.
  • Guided support and follow up communication.

Benefits May Include:

– Enhanced energy
– Clearer thinking
– Improved skin tone
– Weight loss
– Increased happiness
– Stronger mind-body connection

Call (303) 797-6656 to schedule a Nutrition Session along with the Winter Cleanse.
*Sessions are available video, phone or in-person at Ancient Art Health Center.

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