The Path to Successful Weight Loss

The 3-Month Path To Successful Weight Loss Program is the natural way to achieve and maintain ideal body weight throughout your life. This proven program works because it incorporates the foundation of healthy living, healthy eating, physical fitness, detoxification, and stress management.

This natural weight loss program is led by Certified Master Nutrition Therapist, Jessica Lee Reader.  She uses her expertise in holistic nutrition to guide you towards your ideal weight. Jessica has an individual approach that is specific to your biochemistry, lifestyle, goals, and challenges. She will provide guidance to ensure your weight loss success through step-by-step support, education, and motivation.

The Path To Successful Weight Loss Program Includes:

  • One-on-one support, education, and guidance
  • A thorough preliminary diet and health evaluation
  • Body composition analysis (weight, body fat%, BMI and girth measurements)
  • Blood chemistry analysis
  • Dietary and supplement analysis
  • Long and short term goal setting
  • Menu planning options and ideas, recipes, and grocery lists
  • Weekly 1-hour Nutrition Sessions
  • Stress management support
  • Sleep support
  • Tips, tools, and resources

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Get started on your path to successful weight loss in as little as 15 minutes with a consultation by Jessica. Sessions are available in-person, by phone or through video chat.
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Client Testimonials:

I lost 5lbs in the first week. I am able to talk to Jessica about anything and no matter what type of question I have about my diet, body or digestive system. Somehow, she always has an answer or helpful tip for me. She is approachable and clearly follows her own system. You know it when you’ve lived it and this woman has got the chops. Thanks so much Jess! Here’s to 50 more pounds!

Jennifer S.

I’m actually doing very well in my meal planning, your awareness and ability to tailor a good plan with my specific likes and tendencies and makes so much sense. It makes so much easier to take the gentle turn from “maladaptive eating” to “adaptive, healthy eating.”

Pam H.

We did it! Cholesterol is too low!  I got a nice e mail from the doc stating to stop the pills ASAP, which as you know was my goal. These results are measurable, and a direct result of following your advice, and they were quick too.

First of all, the guidance you have given has been spot on! This was not a “diet” that I learned, it was a different way to look at what I eat, and a lifestyle change. I’ve looked back at what I used to eat, and how terribly horrible processed food is for you. I am amazed at how differently I view food! I like what I’m eating! Skeptics are out there, I used to be one. I would challenge anyone to commit to trying this for 90 days. If a person really wanted to make the change, then they would see results and feel them as well. I did and I am thankful for the education!

Gary F.

You’ve inspired me, along with myself, to take full control of my health. A large part of my results was because of your cleanse. I still eat that way by the way and listen to my body when it doesn’t like something.

Jovi V.

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