Nutrition Workshops

Certified Master Nutrition Therapist, Jessica Lee Reader presents professional nutrition workshops that will offer you education and inspiration to vitalize your body.


Nutrition Workshops 

  • Healthy Eating 
    Topics range from appropriate portion sizes, what constitutes a balanced meal, times of days to eat, and nutrition for any lifestyle.
  • Grocery Shopping 
    Learn how to identify ingredients in your food, how to read a food label, determine better options, and develop habits.
  • Sugars
    Learn how to determine how much sugar you are consuming. We will discuss tips to break the sugar habit.
  •  Weight Loss
    Learn the 5 Main Factors that inhibit weight loss. Discover the tools you need to jumpstart your metabolism.
  •  Food Sensitivities
    Learn how food sensitivities develop and discover the methods of determining your food sensitivities.
  • Sports Nutrition 
    This workshop will focus on foods that enhance an active lifestyle. There will be plenty of ideas for pre and post workout snacks.
  • Pain Management
    Discover how diet and lifestyle can affect your symptoms. Discover ways to calm down inflammation so you can feel your best.
  • Living With Presence
    This workshop is the secret formula to accept where you are at right now and enjoy life again. Learn to live in the moment, release stress, and break patterns.
  • Lunch and Learn
    Jessica can create customized workshops specific to your organizations needs.


Please Note:

  • Workshops are held onsite at your location or we have locations throughout Colorado available.
  • Workshops can be held via webinar with guided visualizations.
  • All workshops include a Power Point presentation and PDF’s.
  • Yoga and meditation classes can be added on or provided.
  • Please contact Jessica to discuss details and pricing.

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