Can say you that you truly love your workout routine?

A small percent of us may have an excellent workout regime that we love. The rest of us are still struggling to find activities that raise our heart rate, strengthen our body and motivate us to walk through the door. With a little research and experience I have set out on a mission to get you to love your workout!

Below, I have listed some tips and exciting workouts to try. 

Gain Motivation

Showing up is half the battle when is comes to a workout. Finding the motivation to have a pre-workout snack, fill up the water bottle, put workout clothes on, and journey to your workout destination can be a challenge in itself. Cultivate inspiration to have more pep in your step, and get a move on by holding yourself accountable. Doing things like finding a workout partner, signing up for a class ahead of time, or registering for a race are a good start. Journaling your fitness session and setting new goals is a great way to register your progress. The only thing holding you back from your health goals is You!

YOU Can Do It!

Avoid a plateau

Variety is referred to as the spice of life for a reason. Doing the same workout over and over is not only mundane, but the odds are high that you will hit a plateau. A plateau is literally the end result of a fitness rut that has the potential to affect everyone. The signs should be noticeable such as a non-progression of goals, boredom, and low motivation. Our bodies are incredibly adaptive to change, and the best way to adjust your workout is to get creative and try new classes, sports, and activities.

Create a healthy lifestyle

Remember a workout is only a small part of the day. The rest of your time make sure you eat a balanced diet full of clean, whole, unprocessed foods, drink plenty of pure water, and get restorative sleep. Need help fueling your workout? I am a Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, contact me for a Nutrition Session.

Remember to Keep your workouts fresh while create a healthy lifestyle that inspires you.

Vary your exercise by trying something new: 

  • Swimming (it is Summer after all) 
  • Running
  • Power Walking
  • Volleyball
  • Hiking
  • Yoga
  • Strength Training 
  • Cross Fit 
  • High Intensity Training
  • Dancing 
  • Golf (carry your clubs instead of using a cart)
  • Baseball/Softball


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