Let's Become Vitalized!

 Health is a quest and I am here to guide you towards vitality! 

Hi, I am Jessica Lee Reader, a Certified Master Nutrition Therapist and Health Educator. I created Vitalized Body as a place where you can learn and grow as you enhance your health and lifestyle. Vitalized Body offers tools, education, support, and programs.

About Vitalized BodyAs a child I moved frequently with my family for my father’s job. By the age of 17 we had moved to 8 different states landing us in Colorado my senior year of high school (1997). It was a challenging move to leave the heavily wooded Poconos where my group of friends meditated and swam in the waterfalls of our backyards to meet people who skipped school to go shopping at the malls. Within a short matter of time I lost my roots and the connection to nature vanished, I no longer honored my body and it showed in the form of anemia, high triglycerides, chronic fatigue, and poor digestion.

I followed my passion of writing and photography and went to college for a couple of years. My health was poor and my grades reflected that it was time to make a change. It was time to revive yoga practice, ride bikes, learn healthy cooking, and research the keys to vitality. The force was strong in my path of healing, and I felt so great I wanted to share my insight with everyone. Over the years I created a successful practice as a cosmetologist and spoke to clients about healthy living from the inside out.

In 2007, I enrolled at The Nutrition Therapist Institute (NTI) and became a Master Nutrition Therapist. Since then I have continued my education in functional medicine, sports nutrition, and yoga instruction. I continue to learn everyday and am in the process of studying the science and art of herbalism. I am honored to be able to support others on the path to Vitality as the community here at Vitalized Body strengthens.

What is your story?

Take some time to journal about your life. Is it time to make changes, time to honor your body, and reconnect to the things you love? Some of my favorite ways to support vitality are essential oil baths, yoga, healthy eating, adrenal support, journaling, hiking, gardening, and clearing space for new and exciting things to come in.


Are you ready To Vitalize Your Body?

Download the Positive Journal Ebook click HERE. 


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