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Certified Master Nutrition Therapist, Jessica Lee Reader is the creator of Vitalized Body. She specializes in food sensitivities and weight loss. Jessica helps you to identify and support the underlying factors that are inhibiting your ability to achieve optimal health. Health is a quest and Jessica is here to guide you towards vitality. She is devoted to educating, motivating, and inspiring you to Vitalize Your Body.

Vitalized Body’s website provides: food sensitivity tests, comprehensive wellness test, adrenal stress tests, seasonal cleanses, eBooks, recipes, health articles, and more!  The word vitalize means to give strength and energy to. Our bodies are designed to be full of vitality and livelihood. When we are vitalized we are at our ideal weight, bursting with energy, sleeping throughout the night, and mentally sharp.  We can climb mountains, achieve our goals, and live our best life when we are vitalized. So rather than settling for feeling just okay, let’s become VITALIZED!

Nutrition and Lifestyle Services


Nutrition sessions are tailored to your biochemistry, goals, and challenges. Available in person, phone or video.

Weight Loss

The “Path to Successful Weight Loss” incorporates nutrition, lifestyle, detoxification, and stress management.


Discover which foods are creating friction in your body with an ALCAT test or elimination program led by Jessica.


Vitalize your body and mind with our yoga classes, meditation classes, workshops and retreats.


Discover the power of vitality through seasonal cleansing with detoxifying menu plans and recipes.

Health Store

Shop our nutrition services, seasonal cleanses, ALCAT tests, lab panels, and recommended products.

Fall Into Health with the Autumn Cleanse

Menu plan, Shopping List, Recipes


Download The Package for $39! 

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